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Semi Permanent Make Up Training Courses and Appointments 

SPMU Brows 

▫️Conversion Microblading to Machine Course £400 both Hair Stroke and Powder Brows 

▪️SPMU Brows Hair Stroke/Powder or both. Conversion Course from Microblading to Machine £350-£450

▫️Brow Treatments £100 First Session then £100 Top Up

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Anatomy & Physiology, Skin, Pigments, Shaping, Practixal Tattoo Skin & Live Model, Brands, Machine, Consultation and Aftercare

This treatment can be booked via the website and Social Media.

  • Patch Test is required
  • Indepth Consultation to discuss desired brow pigment and realistic achievement
  • Full procedure explained
  • Treatment preparation provided
  • Fabulous Brows by Tami
  • Aftercare and maintanence

All treatments will take place at: Peel House, Skelmersdale, Wn89PT