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Wanting to start a career in Beauty

Unsure of what your next steps are? Want a taste of the Beauty Life? Why let age hold you back! 

11-15 Year Old Masterclass Beauty Courses

Brows £50

Facials £50

Hair £50

Lashes £50

Learn about Beauty, Treatments, Procedures, Business, Social Media, how to become a girl/boy boss and take the industry by storm.



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Once upon a time you were a little boy/girl with big dreams that you’d promised you’d make real one day. Don’t disappoint yourself.

Little Beauties Academy age 11-15 Years

▪️Brow Masterclass £50
▫️Hair Masterclass £50
▪️Lashes Masterclass £50

Practical & Theory

▪️Birthday Gift
▫️Christmas Gift
▪️ Girl Boss in the Making
▫️Positive Path
▪️The start of the beginning